Air dedusting

Dust reduction in water mist technology

TISSA Automation is one of the few on the market that designs and installs dust reduction systems. Such systems also include systems for dedusting air using water mist.
Water mist technology is ideal for reducing dust in applications such as the transport and dumping of bulk substances (e.g. coal, biomass, aggregates) in the mining, stone and energy industries. Dedusting air in water mist technology allows you to reduce the amount of dust by as much as several dozen percent, because it effectively catches even the smallest volatile particles. It is also worth noting that just increasing the humidity of the air significantly reduces the volatility of dust particles.


Air dedusting

General characteristics of fog systems offered by TISSA Automation:

  • chemical purity, because the factor reducing pollination is pure water,
  • low operating costs, because fog systems are characterized by very low water consumption (which in this case is the main cost generator) in relation to the absorption surface,
  • durability, innovation, because the mist is generated by innovative pressure diffusers that do not require compressed air, which simplifies installation and reduces energy consumption,
  • the possibility of integration with factory automation systems, i.e. the ability to control the external signal, relay outputs.

The principle of operation of the water mist dedusting system

A key element of TISSA Automation’s dedusting technology is water mist produced on the basis of a series of high-pressure ceramic nozzles, without the use of compressed air. Depending on the application, we select nozzles that generate fog with the appropriate efficiency and droplet size of several microns. The size of the droplets is of great importance here because the air stream around large droplets of water makes it difficult for dust particles to collide with them. Dust particles easily combine with small droplets to form agglomerations devoid of volatile properties.
Water in the form of fog with such a significant fragmentation is characterized by a huge dust absorption area of over 600 m2. Fog technology ensures the highest possible efficiency in eliminating dust in relation to inputs.

The principle of operation of the mist dedusting

Benefits of water mist dedusting

  • Improving the comfort of employees by eliminating harmful volatile substances
  • Elimination of the risk of explosion of substances such as coal dust, wood dust, cellulose, biomass, etc.
  • Reducing the wear of mechanical components of machines, reducing dust helps to keep the production line in good technical condition
  • Elimination of electrostatic discharges that may damage electronic devices or, in extreme cases, cause an explosion
  • Reduction of fire hazard

Below is an example of an installation transporting dusty material before and after using a dust reduction system in water mist technology

Reloading of aggregates without a dedusting system
Reloading of aggregates with a dedusting system