Humidity and dust reduction

TISSA misty humidification systems as dust reduction

Dust reduction. Reduced relative humidity in many areas of industry promotes the formation of volatile particulate matter. The reason for this is partly the electrostatic charges that have accumulated in dry air. Also reduced density of water-free material. Reduced dustiness can be achieved using a misty humidification system. This eliminates electrostatic charges, reduces the volatility of particulate matter by increasing their density, and by directly absorbing dust particles by micro-droplets of fog (as a result of which the particles merge into larger groups, losing their volatile properties).

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Dust reduction in industry

Dust is integral to many industries, such as processing plants, mines, smelters and aggregate plants. The course of dust emission depends on many technological factors: the type of raw material, the degree of its fragmentation, the size of the material stream or operations carried out on it. The harmfulness of particulate pollutants to human health varies and depends on the type of dust, grain size and duration of impact. External conditions, such as air humidity, temperature or terrain situation, also have a big impact on dust emissions. Weather conditions can be improved with the help of a suitable fog humidification system. Thanks to this, we lower the air temperature and increase the humidity of the air.

Dust particles are extracted from the air and its spread can be limited by the use of foggy water curtains. The wetting of the raw material itself also reduces the spread of dust. An important technical parameter of the water mist installation is the selection of appropriate nozzles, their placement and quantity. It is important to choose the right droplet size and system output for your specific application. A properly executed installation design will reduce subsequent operating costs. Thanks to a well-designed fog humidification installation, a reduction in dust of up to 99% can be achieved.

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