Safety of mist systems


Safety of mist systems. The need for a CO2 cylinder, which is necessary in older solutions, has been eliminated. This increases the safety of fog systems. Carbon dioxide is an odorless gas, as well as odorless, and in higher concentrations highly toxic. Releasing more CO2 is extremely dangerous for humans, because already at a concentration of 30%. It causes immediate loss of consciousness and death. Accidental unsealing of one cylinder can cause a deadly threat to many people. Which is why early carbon dioxide detection systems are installed in industrial halls. In the case of extinguishing a fire with gas, extinguishing operations cannot be started immediately after detection. Make sure that all people have left the building. This means that extinguishing can begin only 2-3 minutes after the fire is recognized. During this time, the fire can go from the spreading phase, through the flare-up phase to the fully developed fire phase. Often at this point it is too late to effectively limit the effects of fire.

Safety of fog systems

Instant extinguishing

When extinguishing with water mist, no gas is used. High pressure sprayed water is safe for people in an industrial plant. Extinguishing can begin immediately after the fire is recognized. The operation of the fog extinguishing system does not interfere with the evacuation of people. Starting extinguishing in the initial phase of a fire guarantees the greatest effectiveness in its quick extinguishing and limits its effects.

Continuous system readiness

Thanks to the fact that the operation of the extinguishing system has absolutely no negative effect on the people working in the plant, periodic fitness checks can be carried out without having to stop production. This guarantees high reliability, required in all industrial applications. Continuous operational readiness gives high safety of fog systems.