Warehouse humidification

Too low humidity in the warehouse

Warehouse Humidification – Any stored hygroscopic material interacts with the surrounding air. It absorbs moisture from air that is too humid, and gives the water contained in itself to air that is too dry. The problem occurs mainly in the storage of food products, wood, tobacco, etc. Loss of water from them to the environment causes weight loss and quality loss – cracking and deformation in the case of wood-based products, paper; brittleness of fibers in the textile industry, etc.

Humidification of the warehouse

Durability of cardboard packaging

Particular attention to air humidity should be paid when storing products in cardboard packaging. The strength of cardboard can be measured in many ways. Most often, of course, there is resistance to flat crushing, resistance to column crushing or resistance to compression. All these parameters reach the maximum strength at the air humidity of 50-60%. Such humidity in warehouses can be ensured and maintained by our water mist humidification systems.

Humidity in vegetable storage

Maintaining humidity at a sufficiently high level is also of great importance when storing and storing vegetables. In addition, it should be taken into account that in this type of warehouses the air should be changed often, at least a dozen times per hour. The outside air usually has a lower humidity than required, so with the help of a suitable mist humidification system, it must be raised. As a result, we get an appropriate environment for storing vegetables.

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